Här kommer några referenser, det är allt från kunder, kollegor och fd medarbetare till utrekryterade kandidater och affärskontakter:

“During the last year of my tenure at Kelly Services, I hired Daniella Ibis as Regional Manager once we decided to launch the Malmo branch. Daniella immediately took charge and marketed the Kelly Services offerings all over the region and, amazingly enough, brought the branch to profit and impressive contribution in only two months. Moreover, she generated essential media publicity and thus quickly made the region aware of the Kelly Services presence. I am still deeply impressed by Daniella’s drive, ambition and social skills. Please do not hesitate in contacting me for further elaboration in regards to Daniella’s impressive results. Best regards.” 
Arnold Sjölund, fd chef

”Daniella is a person you can trust and who always delivers more than you expect. She is multi-talented and a social genius.”
Peter Landgren, affärskontakt

”Daniella arbetar med ett högt engagemang och har en stor förmåga att hitta kvalificerade kandidater till svåra positioner. Jag kan varmt rekommendera Daniella till andra uppdrag.”
Stefan Schreiter, fd kund och utrekryterad kandidat

”Kan varmt rekommendera Daniella, ett enormt driv, fantastisk entusiasm och ett av de största nätverken!! Alltid på hugget med enorm passion!!!”
Dennis Axnér, affärskollega

”Daniella is extremly focused and she allways delivers, both high quality in her work as well as on time.
I am looking foward to work with Daniella in the future as well.”
Jonas Borg, fd kund och utrekryterad kandidat

“Daniella is an extraordinary talent when it comes to materialising opportunities. She is a natural at networking and is open, honest and direct in her approach. Daniella has an admirable understanding of customer needs and an ability to match those with candidate profiles.”
Jens Mogensen, fd kollega

“Daniella has over the years, within two different companies, been one of the best Recruiters and Temp personnel suppliers that I have met. She is very reliable, understand the needs of the customer and selects/recommends the ”right” candidates from the very start. Daniella is also outstanding when creating a good working climate between us as a customer and her and her comapny as a supplier.”
Mats Petersen, kund

“Daniella is one of the most professional and inspiring persons I have met during all my years as self-employed. She is a true entrepreneur and I have had the honor to follow her development during the last 6-7 years in different positions. If you need a trustworthy person Daniella is the women to do business with, she is hardworking, social, and very inspiring.”
Mikael Jansson, fd medarbetare

“I had the opportunity and pleasure knowing Daniella in her job as an Executive Recruiter. Daniella is a delightful, brilliant minded and highly intelligent person with a tremendous ability to quickly understand her client’s needs and gain new contacts. Her very strong driving force in combination with her communication skills, her excellent performance as a speaker, her analytical abilities and her outstanding business network really makes sure ”things happen” when Daniella is involved. I would undoubtedly recommend Daniella for any challenge.” 
Staffan Linde, kund

“Daniella is a goal and result oriented manager that never forgets to take into account the human perspective. Always supportive and always keen to secure that any given situation ends with a win-win result between parties involved. Add an extensive network to that, and you have the recepie of an extraordinary recruiter with fantastic interpersonal skills.” 
Andreas Parkosidis, medarbetare och kund

“I have worked with Daniella on several occasions over a long period of time. With her inspirering, “big heart” personality and sound values she is easy to work with and spreads joy around her. Daniella always deliver at her best ability.” 
Roland Ferngård, kund och uppdragsgivare

“Daniella has a fantastic and inspiring personality and a great amount of energy that has a positive affect on all she meets. She always delivers 110% and takes all assignments seriously, in combination with an ability to bring out the best in each person. I have worked with Daniella on several occations and can give her my very best recommendations.” 
Helena Ström, kund

“Daniella is a creative and solution-oriented person and she always fulfill assigned tasks. She understands how to get things done quickly and effectively. Daniella also has superior communication skills. I can unreservedly recommend Daniella as a business partner.” 
Carina Elmér, kund

“Daniella is a driven professional and always delivers. As far as recruiting goes, I would not go to anyone else since she also understands the value of always getting to know new key players on the market. I believe that is why Daniella has one of the most interesting, personal networks of all the recruiters I know – and that makes the difference I need when I look for new professionals for our company. Daniella gets my highest recommendations.” 
Fredrik Hjelm, affärskontakt

“Daniella is a professional recruiter with high competence both social and professional. She has an extraordinary talent to identify people’s strength and to find each specific human resource development possibilities. I would never hesitate to utilize here capabilities and competence when needed.” 
Johan Kristensson, kund

“Daniella is an easy going person to work and interact with. She delivers quickly and efficient. Openminded and open for discussions. She has helped me to find excelent people for my teams and I count on that she will continou doing that.” 
Fredrik Töörn, kund

“As a service provider Daniella Ibis is a reliable and trust worthy partner that delivers. The results are top quality and is delivered with her “own personal guarantee”. Daniella takes pride in fulfilling commissions to a 100% and beyond, on time, every time. I will continue to do business with Daniella and will gladly recommend any company in need of a successful recruitment to contact her!” 
Annica Almond, fd medarbetare & kund

“Daniella has a strong focus and clear ambitions. With her deep commitment and dedication for both personnel and clients Daniella has shown great judgement and good leadership in her role as regional manager. I highly recommend her.” 
Marcus Erkenstam, fd chef

“Daniella is our prime deliverer of consultants for our business needs. I have previously worked with Daniella and didn´t hesitate to continue our relation, with me as her customer. She is very trust-worthy and it feels good to have Daniella to handle our recruitments, they are always targeted to our needs.” 
Richard Ohlsson, fd medarbetare och kund 

“With a great portion of social skills and ability to always find the right assignment it was always a pleasure to work together with Daniella. As manager and Daniella always manage to motivate her staff to perform 110% of their output capacity thanks to her own high rate of engagement.” 
Johan Persson, fd medarbetare

“During my employment with Elan IT, I have worked with and for Daniella. She has during this time proved herself not only as a competent account manager but also her social skills, resourcefulness and ability to act whenever needed, as a line manager. Daniella has never ceased to impress in her abilities to shoulder responsibilities, co-worker’s confidence and being an inspiration for colleagues to excel themselves. Daniella is a person that could take on whichever managerial challenge and succeed with grace, which she has proven repeatedly on high levels, with an excellent track record. I would highly recommend Daniella.”
David Gyorffy, fd medarbetare 

”I have had the pleasure to know Daniella for about 10 years and I have learned to know her as a very easy going and reliable person with a good eye for sales, competence and delivery. She can easily spot the most crucial parts of a sales situation, and put most efforts where it’s needed and most important, deliver results beyond expectations.” 
Michael Gantén, kund 

“I have known Daniella for many years and have been working with her in different projects. She has a dedication to her job, is very focused and she allways delivers. Daniella is professional and knows what she is talking about. Working with Daniella is always a positive experience. I highly recommend to work with her.” 
Ingrid Wennberg, fd kollega

“I have known Daniella for several years and she is truly a great professional with a great heart. No matter what role she had, she always managed to deliver great results with a smile and without sweat. She is a true professional and a true people’s person that has made mine and several others working hours much more fun.” 
Nikolce Stojcevski, utrekryterad kandidat samt fd kund

Detta är några av alla människor jag haft förmånen att arbeta med!
Referenserna kommer från LinkedIn, och här kan du se alla referenser jag fått genom åren.
Tack 🙂